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2024 Headstash
Championship Guide

Signup Period:
Now through July 25th

Sample Drop Dates:

July 26th & 27th

(You must be registered before sample drop-off)
Sample Entry Categories:
Rosin/Resin, Flower, Infused Foods
Quantity Requirements:
Flower - 4oz. + 1 Show Nug
Rosin/Resin - 12 grams
Infused Foods - 35 Individually Packaged Samples


Big Thanks to our Lab Partner: SC LABS

Sample Drop Regions:
Humboldt North, Humboldt South, Mendocino, Redding, Sacramento, East Bay, South Bay, Santa Rosa, Central Valley, Central Coast, Los Angeles North, Los Angeles, San Diego

Every entry undergoes anonymous and blind evaluation by a diverse panel of judges, including community members and industry OG's, ensuring fairness and celebrating talent
1. You must sign up and pay ahead of time. You can not pay at the time of drop-off.
2. Drop off your sample in a box with ONLY your official registration # on the box.
3. No Branded packaging will be accepted. Submit your samples with registration # only!


Terms and Conditions:

Samples will be sorted by effect category based on SC Labs PHYTO FACTS

The organizer of the Headstash Championship (the “Competition”) is: Humboldt Green Events LLC (the “Organizer”), a California Limited Liability Company. Participation in the Competition is for any resident of CA at least 21 years of age, including licensed businesses and home growers.


There is a non-refundable application fee to enter the competition that covers the administrative costs of running the competition and 2 invites to the Headstash Gala Awards Party. $100 of each entry goes to the prize. The Competition and the Organizer accept no responsibility for applications not received for any reason.


Any changes to the Competition will be provided to the entrants as soon as possible. The Organizer may use their sole discretion to make any changes or updates during the event.

Prizes may not be transferred. Entrees are providing any information to the Organizer on their own, and this competition is not endorsed by any social media outlet.


Winners will be awarded in the categories Flower, Rosin/Resin and Infused Foods as determined by the panel of judges. 


The Organizer’s decisions with respect to all matters pertaining to the Competition will be final

and no appeals will be considered or granted. Entry into the Competition will indicate the Entrant’s acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

Headstash Championship Competitor Application

Thanks for your application,You're almost done!

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